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Honeywell Home Smart Home Security

For homeowners, comfort goes beyond the temperature and quality of the air, it is knowing that their home is safe and secure. As a trusted HVAC professional, you can continue to build your relationships with homeowners by offering them smart home security solutions.

Honeywell has created a line of security products that allows homeowners to easily control and monitor the safety of their home. Below are the products offered in their security line:

  • Camera Base Station: The camera base station senses sound and motion in HD quality. This product is enabled with Alexa for easy voice control.
  • Motion Sensor: The motion sensor is battery-powered and wireless so that it can be used anywhere within your home.
  • Outdoor MotionViewer: This outdoor detector is not only battery-powered and wireless, it is weather-resistant and can withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Indoor MotionViewer: This indoor, wireless detector has extensive reach.
  • Access Sensor: Access sensors are highly sensitive to motion and are typically installed on both doors and windows.
  • Key fob: The key fob has a battery life up to five years and provides one-touch system control without the use of an app.
  • Honeywell Home App: The Honeywell Home app allows homeowners to view clips, get alerts, and control their security system right through their smartphones.

When optimizing the security solutions offered by Honeywell, homeowners receive alerts and video clips that allow them to know what is happening in and around their home. The camera base station utilizes face detection and will immediately alert the homeowner if it detects an unfamiliar face. Homeowners can have ease of mind knowing that if they forget to enable their security system, the geofencing technology automatically switches the security products from home to away mode.

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