January 29, 2021

Nest Protect: Protecting Homes In a Smart Way

The Nest Protect (GS3005PWLUS, GS3004PWBUS) provides a natural extension of the HVAC products our contractors already offer and create easy add-on sales. Nest Protect is connected dual smoke and CO detector that alerts homeowners via a notification to their smart phone if there is ever an incident. See below for more features that set this […]

January 29, 2021

Google Nest Wifi, The Best Work From Home Buddy

With so many people working from home, having a strong and reliable Wi-Fi network is more valuable than ever! A traditional, single router has relatively limited coverage and tends to become spotty the farther away you are. Extenders can add a bit more range, but they degrade performance. Nest Wifi (GGA00158US) is a scalable system […]

January 14, 2021


For 75-years, SUPCO has been an innovative leader in the HVAC by designing, manufacturing and distributing high-performing parts, components, test instruments and tools.   SUPCO’s commitment to innovation, manufacturing quality and technician-focused solutions at value-driven prices makes them “The Right Choice” in the HVAC industry.    Check out a few featured SUPCO products that are our a part of our Heating Parts Program right now:  Pilot Burner: Differential expansion pilot equipped […]

December 24, 2020

Virtual Pro Assist

Real-time remote jobsite assistance. Virtual Pro Assist is Ferguson’s easy-to-use, innovative software technology that completely reimagines jobsite support that every modern contractor should take advantage of. Virtual Pro Assist is a merged reality livestream solution that utilizes your phone’s existing screen and camera. Once a video call is initiated, users on both ends of the […]

December 2, 2020


DiversiTech® Corporation is North America’s largest manufacturer of equipment pads and a leading manufacturer and supplier of components and related products for multiple industries, including HVACR. DiversiTech’s mission for contractors is also to simplify their work. They do this by offering high-quality, innovative and advanced products that save time on installations and headaches from unnecessary customer […]