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Save Time, Energy And Costs With LCBS Connect™

New from Honeywell, the LCBS Connect consists of three components: a wall module, a controller with a built-in economizer, and a gateway for cloud connectivity. The gateway connects up to 30 RTUs to the Honeywell cloud system, which provides remote monitoring and diagnostics, real-time text or email alerts, Title 24 compliance and optional analytics reporting.

LCBS Connect provides the capability for constant remote monitoring and diagnostics. This allows you, to take care of repairs quickly in the event of a service interruption — in many cases, before the tenants are even aware of it. Preventative notifications also let you be proactive. By addressing small issues before they grow, you can extend the life of your equipment.

It all adds up to a reliable, personalized solution that gives you the ultimate in building comfort control for peace of mind all day, every day.

What You Get With LCBS Connect

  1. CONTROL. Work with the building owner to determine what triggers an alert, where the alert is delivered and what happens as a result. The Occupant View feature allows building owners to monitor and adjust their building’s HVAC system remotely, or you can monitor it for them. Plus, if the facility includes more than one building, LCBS Connect covers the entire enterprise.
  2. PEACE OF MIND. With LCBS, building owners can rest assured that their HVAC system and building comfort level are always monitored. Precise controls also comply with local and national energy regulations, including Title 24.
  3. COST SAVINGS. LCBS Connect’s precise temperature and scheduling capabilities allow for maximum energy efficiency, while the built-in economizer utilizes outside air to condition the inside of the building for even more savings. In addition, the LCBS Connect system provides constant reporting of HVAC system analytics, helping identify areas where performance could be improved.