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Connected Products and Improved IAQ

As the demand for smart home solutions has continued to grow, the connected products on the market have grown exponentially more intuitive. Simultaneously, the market for products that provide better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a growing at a rapid pace.  As these markets grow, there will be an increased line of connected products that monitor IAQ. There are already a variety of connected products that monitor and detect different qualities of the air. From humidity to carbon monoxide, consider offering solutions that not only allow homeowners to control their temperature, but allow them to control the quality of their air. Build trust with your customers when you offer them smart home products that increase their comfort, convenience, and safety.

Honeywell offers whole-home solutions that not only ensure comfortable temperatures, but they ensure that the humidity stays at a desirable level in a home. When using Honeywell Redlink technology, alerts will be sent anytime your homeowners system is not working as expected. Honeywell is one of the few manufacturers that offers whole-home solutions for better air quality. From air purifying filters to dehumidifiers, Honeywell offers effective IAQ solutions and the tools that are needed to monitor them. With the Prestige IAQ thermostat, the customer can easily make sure that each room is operating at optimal humidity. When paired with the “Total Connect Comfort” App, homeowners can receive alerts anytime the humidity levels are not at the desired level.

The Nest Protect detects the air in a home and can identify a variety of different issues. This product is programmed to test its batteries and sensors throughout the day and will send an alert if there is a piece that is not working properly. The Nest Protect will send the homeowner a notification if it detects an issue. Not only will they receive an alert, the Protect will alert the thermostats and other sensors within a home to ensure that the resident is aware of any issues no matter where they are. Last year, over 1,000,000 homes were affected by high carbon monoxide levels. Help your customers monitor carbon monoxide and detect smoke when they use the Nest protect.