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Goodman’s ComfortBridge™ Technology


What is ComfortBridge?
The revolutionary ComfortBridge technology is factory-installed into select gas furnaces and air handlers to help your entire HVAC system operate cost-effectively at peak performance — providing consistent energy-efficient home comfort. Simply put, the system’s communicating technology that is typically located in a thermostat was moved from the wall and securely placed into the HVAC equipment!


What does it do?
ComfortBridge technology was designed to create an intelligent indoor comfort system capable of customizing Energy-efficient performance, reducing thermostat compatibility concerns, and offering flexibility when it comes to thermostat options.


What are the benefits to you?
The ComfortBridge technology smart home algorithm gathers HVAC system performance data and uses it to automatically make adjustments that may reduce the amount of energy used to heat or cool your home. And, you’re not locked into one specific thermostat just because you installed a new HVAC system. The versatility of ComfortBridge technology gives you options.

How does it work?
Most premium central heating and cooling systems are called split-systems. Outside of a home is where the air conditioner or heat pump resides, and the gas furnace or air handler is installed inside the home. The combination results in an energy-efficient heating and cooling system that is controlled by a thermostat or control system. ComfortBridge technology works with any single-stage thermostat to help create customized indoor comfort specifically for you and your family. ComfortBridge technology works differently than most central heating and cooling systems. Many systems may limit homeowners
to one specific and perhaps expensive smart thermostat or control system. With ComfortBridge intelligent technology, a homeowner has many thermostat options from which to choose. Rather than installing the communicating technology circuit board in the thermostat (which is connected to an inside wall in a the ComfortBridge technology circuit board is securely installed in the indoor unit of the heating and cooling system. Upon installation, it receives a simple signal from the thermostat and intelligently distributes operational messages between the indoor and outdoor components of a central heating and cooling system. This ‘off-thewall’ technology allows you more options, more benefits, and more intelligent control.

What’s compatible with ComfortBridge?
Because the brain of the ComfortBridge intelligent comfort technology resides in the indoor unit in a home, it allows homeowners to use any single-stage basic thermostat or smart thermostat. Rather than being tied to a specific smart thermostat or control system, homeowners can choose from several options. And, if the homeowner wishes to upgrade or change the thermostat or control system, ComfortBridge technology makes that easy, too.

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