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New Nest HVAC Monitoring

Nest thermostats are about to get a lot more helpful for your customers and your business because there’re adding a new feature that will help Nest thermostat users look after their homes – and qualified pros, like you, get more valuable leads. It’s called HVAC monitoring, and it’ll be available on all Nest thermostats starting October 30, 2020.

How HVAC monitoring works

  1. Nest thermostat algorithms detect an HVAC issue and alerts the homeowner via the app and/or email.
  2. From that alert, the homeowner books an HVAC maintenance appointment via Handy.
  3. Handy routes the job to a local Nest Pro for acceptance. If the customer has a Pro ID in their thermostat, that Nest Pro will surface in the alert and on Handy.
  4. The Nest Pro performs a checkup visit, identifies needs for repairs and replacements, and transacts all follow-up work with the customer directly.

How to get started

HVAC monitoring can help you build stronger customer relationships, offer more value to your customers and book more jobs during the shoulder season. Nest Pros interested in the HVAC monitoring program fill out an onboarding form and Handy will reach out to them. Or, Pros can schedule a call directly with Handy through a scheduling tool. Fill out onboarding form and Handy will reach out to you ( or directly schedule call with Handy based on your schedule (

Installing Nest thermostats just got a lot more valuable with HVAC monitoring.

  • Get into more homes during shoulder season
  • Deepen your connection to the customer with every Nest thermostat you install for the life of the system
  • Offer more value to your customers with proactive alerts

Included as a feature on all Nest thermostats

  • Be part of the network where Nest will send non-Pro ID thermostat customers to you for solution finding and repairs – regardless of where they bought the thermostat
  • Expand your leads network outside of your traditional customers through Handy’s broad professional network

Monitor your heating and cooling on your new Nest thermostat. Meet the Nest thermostat here.