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Fire Prevention with Connected Products

Fire Prevention Week is October 4, 2020 through October 9, 2020. 

During Fire Prevention Week, Firefighters provide lifesaving public education in an effort to drastically decrease casualties caused by firesChildren and adults learn how to stay safe at home, and Ferguson HVAC offers products that help detect and prevent fires for homeowners. 

Ting, by Whisker Labs, is a connected fire safety device that detects electrical fire hazards prior to them becoming life or property threatening events. 

  • Ting is not just a piece of hardware – it is a 24/7 subscription based monitoring service that makes sure a home is protected from electrical fires. 
  • Once plugged in to an outlet within the home, Ting begins monitoring the home’s electrical system for micro-arcing which are the precursors to electrical fires. 
  • Alerts are sent to the homeowner’s smartphone when Ting detects micro-arcing 
  • Mitigate any hazards Ting detects with an electrician to ensure family’s safety 


Nest Protect, a dual smoke and CO detector 

  • Nest Protect detects slow and fast burning fires, whereas traditional detectors only sense one or the other 
  • Nest Protect’s sensors are good for 10 years whereas traditional smoke detectors usually have a sensor life of five years 
  • Alerts of smoke and/or carbon dioxide are sent to the homeowner’s smartphone so they can act quickly if they aren’t home at the time of an event 
  • Know where the alarm is coming from by designating which room the Nest Protect is installed in through the app 
  • Easily silence the alarm if the homeowner knows everything is alright