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New Smart Water Controller – Buoy

From hydronic heating controls to mixing valves, Honeywell Home Water Solutions are built with both customer and contractor satisfaction in mind. All products are engineered for accuracy and safety (key qualities for homeowners) and built for reliability and easy installation (key qualities for businesses).


Buoy® Whole Home Water Controller is the smart connected-home device that helps homeowners track and manage their water usage. Using the app, homeowners can shut off their water from anywhere, and see how and where they use water inside and outside their home. Welcome to the next wave of smart-home devices, ready for you and the homeowners you service.

The Buoy Whole Home Water Controller makes it easy for homeowners to take control of their water, with smart usage categorization, leak detection and automatic shutoff.* Now you can help homeowners get the most out of their water — and position your business as an essential resource for whole-home solutions.

The Buoy® Whole Home Water Controller can help give homeowners the power to stop leaks, reduce waste and save money:

Leak detection and automatic shutoff
The device detects even the smallest water flow and can alert homeowners when there is unusual water activity. In the event of a major leak, the device can automatically shut off the water, potentially preventing expensive water damage – even if the power goes out, thanks to its onboard battery.

A new level of water control
On its own, the Buoy® Whole Home Water Controller device allows homeowners to shut off their water via its connected app. With a monthly paid subscription, the device gives homeowners a control panel for their water: They can shut off their water anytime, set a daily water limit, receive and act on leak notifications, monitor their water usage and more.

Deep insights about water usage
The system combines state-of-the-art flow sensors with proprietary machine-learning algorithms to learn a home’s unique water footprint. With a subscription, homeowners can get an up-to-the-minute view of their entire home’s water usage, helping them make smarter decisions and avoid surprises on their water bills.

Download the Honeywell Buoy Contractor Brochure here.

*Water tracking/categorization and automatic shutoff features require a subscription.