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FER Regulations

FER efficiency standards are created by the Department of Energy regarding the energy rating of residential and commercial fans. The DOE issues furnace fan requirements to ensure that manufacturers are producing fans that operate at optimal efficiency. FER standards require a 40% in reduction in electrical consumption.

Why are FER standards important?
The goal of creating FER energy standards is to reduce energy consumption, decrease money spent on energy bills, and cut carbon pollution. The implementation of compliant furnaces could eventually reduce energy use by more than 40%.

When do FER Standards take effect?
Manufacturers must be adhering to FER regulations by July 3, 2019. Customers can preorder compliant unit beginning in February 2019.

How do FER requirements effect contractors?
Reduced energy consumption is beneficial to all, but product offerings will shift. PSC blower motors will be replaced with constant torque, electronically commutated motors (ECM). Furnaces will be re-engineered to meet this new regulation. Be sure to make customers aware of the new requirement. With the chance to increase efficiency, homeowners may be open to replacing old units rather than repairing units.

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