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Financing and Smart Home Bundle

It has been shown that when you offer financing on equipment installations, it will help you close more sales and sell larger projects. This also applies to Smart Home Bundles and is becoming more and more common for home improvement projects. Below are a couple of ideas to take advantage of the benefits of financing while bundling smart home products.

If a homeowner is financing several thousand dollars for a system replacement,  adding smart home products to the bill will only minimally increase their monthly payment. In fact, even adding several thousand dollars of smart home products to the package typically only adds $50 to $100 to the monthly payment. The customer gains a smart home and you can increase sales and profits.

Do you offer smart home bundles? Bundling products together as a group and offering packages, much like a “good, better, best” scenario when selling equipment, gives the homeowner visible choices for a complete smart home. Adding a finance price to your bundles is a powerful way to translate substantial smart home sales to an easy payment for the homeowner.

Financing is as an advantage when selling smart home products.